Meghan Gough

Meghan Gough

Associate Professor, Chair - Urban and Regional Planning/Studies

Scherer Hall, Room 517 Phone: (804) 827-0869 Email:


  • Plan-making
  • Civic engagement and collective impact
  • Sustainable communities


B.S., Biology, James Madison University, 1997
M.U.R.P, Urban and Regional Planning, Virginia Tech, 2003
Ph.D., City and Regional Planning, Ohio State University, 2008


Community involvement, planning processes, sustainable development

Research interests

Meghan Gough, associate professor and chair, teaches applied courses in community planning, civic engagement and sustainability planning in the Urban and Regional Studies and Planning Program. Her research is focused on the role of community partnerships and collaborative decision-making in planning for sustainable communities. She has particular interest in how diverse stakeholders inform sustainability planning approaches, and ways that cross-sector partnerships bring the public, private and philanthropic interests to the table to achieve meaningful outcomes for communities.

Gough’s current projects include a book project, titled "Public Gardens and Community Revitalization: Partnerships for Positive Social Change" (Cornell University Press), which analyzes ways in which municipalities, nonprofits and private sector organizations partner with public gardens to revitalize communities and increase the livability of urban places and spaces. She is also examining the public engagement process and outcomes of the U.S. Department of Housing and. Urban Development Sustainable Communities Initiative, which funded 74 multi-year regional sustainability planning processes across the U.S. In addition, Gough is working on a more recent project, funded through VCU’s Center for Urban and Regional Analysis, to investigate the livability of communities for aging populations the implications for planning.

In addition to her faculty and administrative role in the Wilder School, Gough serves on VCU’s Council of Community Engagement. In this capacity, she contributes to initiatives that build long-term community-university partnerships and advance coordinated interdisciplinary research opportunities with community partners. She also advises on the proliferation of Community-Engaged Research methods for scholars and implementation within the University community.

Selected publications

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