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Ongoing projects

The Center for Urban and Regional Analysis engages in long-term, collaborative projects aimed at the understanding and analysis of regional and local economies. Our goal is to provide policymakers and stakeholders with the needed resources to adopt informed decisions. For more information on these projects, or to retain CURA for additional services, please contact

Metro View

Metro View is a unique, regional information and analysis system. Its purpose is to provide citizens, political decision makers, businesses and investors with a holistic, yet highly detailed picture of how the region — the 17-jurisdiction Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area — really works. 

Metro Richmond Exports Initiative

The Metro Richmond Exports Initiative is an effort to help businesses in the Richmond Metropolitan Statistical Area start, or increase their exports abroad. This initiative will take the mystery out of exporting, align service providers and help companies find and use them to become successful exporters.

The Artisan Economy

Richmond’s Artisan Economy tracks the growth and development of this new, dynamic sector of the economy. Artisans serve the growing demand for high-quality, unique goods and consumables, and their presence and activities are revitalizing and enlivening neighborhoods in the city and other areas.